The Future of Welding Is Here
Innovative equipment that allows the welder to turn heavy parts quickly and safely.

Increased productivity

Saves 35% of work time per station and shift

Reduces energy consumption

Because it is simple, practical and affordable, Fast Rotator allows you to get a return on investment in just a few months!

The Rotators



This is the most popular Rotator model, come and see the FR604 with a capacity of 4 tons and a turning diameter of up to 850 mm.


The FR1006 is a very versatile model within our range of small equipment, with a capacity of up to 6 tons and can handle parts over 1000mm.


The FR1508 with a capacity of 8 tons and a turning diameter of up to 2100 mm becomes the ideal equipment for small and medium-sized welded construction companies that want to increase their production capacity.

We’re Here to Revolutionize the
World of Welding

What is
the Rotator


Equipment that assists in rotary welding and positioning of metallic structures.
Characterized by their simplicity and process efficiency, guarantee smooth, fast and controlled speed reduction when using overhead cranes that are only used for loading and unloading operations.


Can be manufactured according to the weight and size of your parts, guaranteeing an increase in productivity <40% in assembly and welding work.
With an accessible design, in just a few seconds the Rotator allows the welder to transform his parts quickly and safely, with the working height adjustable to an ergonomic position.


This unique tool guarantees you maximum quality.
The Rotator offers a reliable solution with the minimum required space and a significant reduction in time for part rotation operations, in addition to guaranteeing independence and autonomy of the workstation.

best investment

By purchasing a Rotator device, you are investing in updating your business. We're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Why Choose a Rotator


Excellent functionality

Greater security

Increases Productivity

Reduces the use of high tonnage cargo means

Independent workstation and increased worker autonomy

Reduces energy consumption

Great flexibility

Innovative geometry

Accessibility of loading and unloading raw materials

Differentiation Factor

Allows rotation of 6 tons of profiles, allowing a complete 360 degree rotation in less than a minute for subsequent positioning and welding operations without the aid of larger production aids (e.g. cranes)